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Judging Elements

How well an image fits the theme

Technical competence (focus, exposure etc.)

Use of colour or black & white




Visual Impact

Print submissions


Prints must be mounted using 'Minuet' board and acid free mounting tape along the top edge only

Prints should be properly backed, using a firm backing board of sufficient size, secured all round with double-sided tape or acid-free mounting tape.

In the reverse side of the board should have a sticker showing:  Category_Title_Membership Number

Digital submissions


Image Type: JPG at Highest Quality

Image print resolution 1ppi

Image Size: 2000 pixels on the longest side

Colour Space: SRGB

Colour or Black & White: as per competition description

Category: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Image filename: Category_Title_Membership Number.jpg

(Use your initials if you do not have a number).

Summer Mini Panel (A2 size)

6 prints

A5 size  each

(approx. 15cm x 20cm / 6 ins x 8.5 ins)

Attach 6 x A5 prints to an A2 sheet of card/mountboard

(approx. 400mm x 600mm / 16 ins x 24 ins)


Mini Panel Mounting

Landscape advised.

Mock-ups are advised!

Mini Panel Text/ Label

Stick a label on the back of the mount:

Category_Title_Membership Number

Stick a short (100 words max) note about your panel on the  back of the mount

– the idea and thinking behind your choice of theme, your reason for choosing specific shots, etc...

Mini panel
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