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Print submissions

Prints on a firm backing for ease of handling 

Digital submissions

2000 pixels on the longest side

JPG quality 100%

SRGB colour space

Colour: as per competition description

Category: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Image file title: Title_Category_Membership Number

(Use your initials if you do not have a number).


Judging elements

How well an image fits the theme

Technical competence (focus, settings, etc.)

Use of colour or black & white




Visual Impact

Mini Panel

Presentation: Images: Your panel should be made up of  6 prints,  A5 size (i.e., approximately 15 cm x 20cm / 6 ins x 8.5 ins). Please stay close to this size so that all panel entries are a similar size.

Mini Panel Arrangement

The arrangement of the images is important: they should present a pleasing composition in two rows each row having 3 images. You are not expected to ‘window mount’ your images. Here ‘mounting’ means sticking the images to a piece of card in order to display them as described.

Oil water

Mini Panel Label

Stick a label on the back of the mount which gives: your club number or initials if you don’t have a number; panel title; your category (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

Mini Panel Text

Include a short (100 words max) note about your panel – the idea and thinking behind your choice of theme, your reason for choosing specific shots, etc... and your panel title. This can be presented as a separate sheet to allow the judge to read it and view the images. Identify this with your club number, panel title and your category.

Mini Panel Mounting

Attach your prints to an A2 sheet of card (approx. 400 mm x 600 mm // 16 ins x 24 ins). It should not exceed approximately 15cm x 20 cm/6ins x 8.5 ins.

If your layout is all landscape the card size may need to be larger. 
Mock-ups are advised!

Reindeer in snow
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