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Learning Resources


At Wexford Camera Club our members are always in search of good photography skills. Here are the links that might help you to find some answers:


  1. Digital Photography Resource Guide

  2. Cambridge in Colour

  3. Proud Photography

  4. Karl Taylor Education

  5. Digital Photography School 

  6. The Exposure Triangle – aperture, shutter speed and ISO explained

  7. Luminous Landscape

  8. Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners – this is a really useful site even if you are not a fashion photographer

  9. 44 Tips to Improve Your Photography

  10. Nature TTL – “the best community for nature photographers on the net” – Wildlife, Landscape and Nature Photography Tips&Tutorials

  11. 30 Photography Cheat Sheets to print – free to download and print, you can click on each Cheat Sheet to get more information

  12. Downloadable guides to Astrophotography

  13. Techniques and kit tips for macro photography

  14. Forrest Tanaka – tutorials for astrophotography

  15. Strobist – “for photographers who want to learn how to use their flashes like a pro”


After you take a good shot, what do you do with it? To make the good shot a great one, the image may need some digital editing using various software available.

Which one to use? Which one is the best?

Only you can answer these questions. Even if you are not familiar with the software, you can check out YouTube for numerous video blogs available, and even the most novice user can learn Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Affinity or just about any photo editing software. Here are a few links to help you get started:


  1. SteeleTraining

  2. Photos in Colour


  4. Calvinhollywood


Not sure what type of lens you need? What is each type of lenses for? Here is a link to an article that might help you to answer some of the questions.


  1. CameraSim – great camera simulator, you can see how changing camera settings will affect your image.

  2. PhotoPills – Mobile App for both Android and iOS. “No matter the type of photography you love: Landscape, Milky Way, Moon, Sunrise, Sunset, Architecture, Star Trails, Drone, Meteor Showers, Solar eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Time lapse, Wedding, Portrait or Travel…PhotoPills is your photography planning app. It helps you PLAN your photos ahead of time… So you’re always at the right place at the right time to capture the best photo possible. “

  3. The Photographers Ephemeris – the app for Web, Android and iOS. “TPE helps you plan outdoor photography in natural light.See how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.”

  4. – a free online post-processing application


The following can be contacted for high quality printing. More names may be added in the future.


William Stedmond

William prints on top of the range photographic printers, including very large format, using the finest quality fine art papers.

Phone: 086 839 3382 / 053 9421503,



Alan Mahon


Alan Mahon prints using high-quality printer and paper (for Club Members only)

Phone: 087 626 0889


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